Pigeon fanciers take on RSPB over killer hawks

Pigeon fanciers take on RSPB over killer hawks

Has anyone read this article? It's very good.

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which Red is the Cock which red is the hen?

Well todays event in my world of Tipplers , I found an egg on the floor today. too late in the season to sit on. Even though the shell was broken the skin was not.

What time in life do you Tippler people pair up? Or in this sense not pair up. I am waiting to split the cocks from the hens but got to work out who is what sex..... which Red is the Cock which red is the hen?

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What colour is my hen?

Dun Hen

What colour is my hen she is similar to a blue but more fawny/dun ? any takers or opinions

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Hello welcome feathered friends


Well I purchased my first real tipplers the other week drove the five and a half hours there & back.( Englands a foreign land to me see, lots more people) Quarantined them. Wormed them. Sesquisi'd them . put them in to the bath. wondering what to do next. they are old birds so no out of the cote yet.

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new in tipplers


Hi everyone im Ali, new on this site and new in tipplers or still looking for some..

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First NTU Fly


Only two weeks away for the beginning of the NTU first old bird race on April 5th. Are the birds ready? I am thinking that there's some folks out there right now training their old birds in what is a dangerous time to be letting out the birds when there is so many BOP out there.

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recherche tippler


je cherche à acheter des tipplers pour jouer en France
merci pour votre aide
bonne année

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Just starting out and looking for a good pair of tipplers


Hi, I'm steve from Leicester and just stating out in the keeping and flying of tipplers, I have the bug I think there an amazing bird.
What im after is a good pair to start out with, I have two already but there nothing special, if anyone knows of or has any for sale please could you let me know.

thanks steve

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Next ITF event


The registrations for the 14th ITF event are open and 7 of us are already in. 4 from the northern hemisphere, 3 from down there under. Considering the proportionate number of fliers here and there, the Aussies are on the top right now.
The upcoming ITF event is going to be held on the weekend December 20-21, 2014.

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