About English 'Flying Tipplers' Discussion Group

The 'Flying Tipplers' Discussion Group is an e-mail list with membership for those who are interested in the breeding or flying of competition English Flying Tipplers.

All messages sent to this email discussion group should be designed to promote competitive English Flying Tipplers. The owner reserves the right to remove / moderate all individuals who they feel necessary without warning. Anyone posting FT messages to other discussion groups or to individuals outside the group violate the group's trust and may promptly be removed. Those who do not post may be removed without warning. Please edit subject lines to appropriate titles. By submitting photos and messages, one is giving expressed permission for the owner to use such in promoting Tipplers on this website.

Please note that the breed of "tipplers" that is being referred to on this site is being distinguished from other so-called "tipplers" by including the adjective "English" to "Flying Tipplers" to denote the flying breed of pigeon developed in the late 19th Century in England.

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