breeding going well

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Young birds ready to go out 2moro for the first time so everthing crossed hope fully ill be ready for the first young bird fly in july and all the hawks are resting keep you all informed of my progress speak soon


Best of luck with your young birds. We hope that you will have a very good training session and good prepared birds for the July fly. Please do keep us informed.

By Kitbox

Not a chance ill be ready the hawk has taken another one so just two left got another 5 young but there not ready yet so keep persevering and be ready for the next fly hopefully speak soon

By dchampness

Wow, that's another loss. Sorry to hear about the bird being taken. I know when one has just a few birds it's hard to keep a kit going. Have the other youngsters been out on their own yet? or are they still coming along? Thanks for the update.

By Kitbox