its going from bad to worse

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One of my baby pilots has fell out the nest box injured its self badly so I had to put it out of its missery so strugling now if any body got a kit they really dont need let me know ill get them collected might give me some time to fly them before the season ends the way things are going im wondering weather to carry on or just pack it it all in


Most see it as going that direction, nothing worth it but to "pack it all in" Well, I must say that you have done your best and tried hard. If it were easy, then I guess there would be a lot more people doing it. I see you striving for something that is a challenge beyond words. Keep trying different methods, try also perhaps different practices and one of these days you'll find the right combination that will allow you to not only get a good kit of birds in the air, but also satisfaction in watching the birds.

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Mate keep going u will get there iv lost rounds in the nest this year for no reasen iv got a pair that always leaves the first round every year after that thay are ok the sport is not for the light hearted its always been that way Im afraid Good Luck . Pat from Sunderland .

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