Colour in hughes and pilots pigeons.

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What colours do hughes and pilot pigeons come in please?


Over the years there has been a lot of discussion about these birds and when you say that you are looking for "pure" Hughes or Pilots, you must mean that you are wondering about the birds that were bred in the lofts of Gordon himself. (I am not sure that Pilot raised his own birds, not sure). However, from any discussions that I have seen, most all of them are blue selfs and perhaps with a slight possibility that a bird would come out with the occasional white flights (marked bird) but in general, all of the birds flown by Hughes were blues. That's why they are often referred to as "Hughes Blues". However, if someone tries to say that they have other colours in their loft then I would have to ask if they are truly all from the Hughes family. In other words, it would make it suspect that they did not introduce other birds from another family in their birds. That's my opinion, perhaps someone else could respond to the question with more knowledge.

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Thank you it seems to be what most say about gordon hughes, accept in one conversation someone mentioned he had an odd self black in the back of his loft and did a bit of tinkering when breeding with the odd colours liked how true don't know. If pilot did not breed his does any body know who?.

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David I dont know much about the hughes birds but I recently bought george pilots from a guy in the north of england pilots are blues as well like hughes but they are much smaller and slightly darker blue I know there 100% pilots because thats all he flys he was freindly with george him self and started from his stock hope this helps you

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It was with great joy that I saw a nice loft full of Pilots in Bristol many years ago and as you say, they were a slightly darker blue but very petite little bird.
The owner of them at the time claimed to have the last of George Pilots breeding stock and his breeding records.
The downside was, in my keeness to know more about them I left one hundred pounds with the owner, to photocopy those records and send then them to me in Australia.
But for some reason they did not arrive, so some twenty five years or more later, I have the feeling that I probably won't be seeing them, ever ;)
Sad, because in all of the happy years I've kept pigeons and met many men who are absolute champions in every facet of life, it sure leaves a bad image of some fanciers but hey, it was a good lesson in life for me.

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Is there anyone else who might be able to help me with this question please??.

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Hi Michael,
Thank you for your sterling efforts in promoting our sport over many, many years.
It sure takes a special person to continually provide a website that is so valuable for our sport so Tipplermen across the globe can converse.
From the heady days of TipplerTalk to this more subdued website I am so glad that even though your flying circumstances have changed, you always have the sport at heart.
I personally thank you and I'm sure there are many others over the years and across the world who would agree.

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