danny / 28 Jan 2011 20:17

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My understanding of the use of a chatrie is as follows. The flyer realeases
his birds with out the Chatrie being on show. The birds take to the air and
fly however long they need to or are trained to fly. Then when it is time to
drop the birds the flyer raises the chatrie for them to drop to. Yes the
Chatrie does have a bird tied to it with a short string,which is attached to
the birds leg, the bird is in no harm or distress, as the Chatrie has a
cloth cover the tied bird uses the cloth to hold on to while being raised in
the air. Once the Chatrie is in place the birds just sits on it, which
attracts the rest of the flying kit to land on it. Once the kit has landed
on the Chatrie, the owner brings the chatrie down and tilts it towards the
open loft door, and the birds all fly into the loft. Once all of them are in
the loft the owner releases the tied bird as well which enters the loft as

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