CNTU Held it's AGM Jan 9th

The CNTU held its AGM Jan 9th, 2011 with about 25 members attending. We had quite the productive meeting. The members voted to define the English Flying Tippler into the constitution by a unanimous vote in favour, I may be wrong here but this may be one of a kind.extremely proud of the membership on this one. There was even more discussion to get all the members when joining the club to sign off on agreement to breed and fly EFT's only. By the way this was proposed by a few members not the executive. We decided to push this over to the next AGM after giving it some thought....all were in agreement
here as well.

Below are a few photos of members Nino, Sikander and Harpreet that are on well as a few that are not. Members brought in about 20 tipplers for show and tell.

Too bad the rest of the members on FT could not attend but those present did you proud guys......thanks to all.