Barney Owston / 24 Feb 2011 05:00

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Hello Raul,Was visiting my old mate in forest hall and he had his birds out,
I waited until he dropped his birds, He drops his birds to a whistle, When
he wants them down he blows his whistle, and the birds drop in mins. How
this works is every time he feeds them he blows the whistle and that is what
there know whistle means feed time. The birds are brain washed from 21 days
old whistle means food, This method is no good for the dark flyers you could
not be blowing a whistle 2 in the morning.,, When picking some birds up at
Arthur Newton's Thurmaston old NTU sec. In the 80s he had a flag flying
when he had a kit out, he was a good flyer for years, He flow over 20hrs
using this method, he was from the old school always had a shirt and tie on
and a suit on, all ways, clean shaving and spot less a true gentleman of the
sport, His birds where very much in demand at the time.,, Kind Regards

Submitted by Barney Owston on 2/24/2011 5:27:00 AM