What Are Flying Tippler Pigeons?

Tipplers just fly and fly. The fanciers of Tipplers can compete against others anywhere in the world without leaving the confines of their own home. A kit of Tipplers consists of three or more pigeons. The tippler team is best when small; controlling and managing a small kit is in fact easier. Generally, the aim is to let the whole kit of Tipplers fly above/around the house for as long as possible. When one of the Tipplers lands, or if the fancier gives the landing sign, that is the end of the competition.

They come in all sorts of colors and patterns, but the image below gives one idea of a typical Tippler coloration known as a Print. It could be referred to as a "Dark Print" because the colouration in the head and wing-tips is rather dark. Read more about Tipplers by browsing our 'Tippler Info' area. There you will find also more information on exactly what is a tippler including a rich discussion on the English Flying Tippler (aka EFTs).